Today Can Be The Best Day Ever - Meghan Joy Yancy

It’s the first day of spring and I know we can’t be the only ones that are quietly cheering for sunshine and warm weather! There have been so many changes happening around here the last few months… more than just the change of weather. 😉 As we have re-launched Elizabeth Scott Boutique we have been provided amazing opportunities to reach more women. Helping women feel confident is something we hope for all our customers to feel. Whether you are a mom, wife, business owner, or a friend we know feeling confident in your life is more than your appearance. We get caught up in this fast paced life and forget about today and are hardest on ourselves.

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of teaming up with Meghan Yancy and let me tell you, she is the definition of inspiring. Before meeting, we spent a lot of time getting to know her through her blog and following her on Instagram. We wanted to share our journey of getting to know Meghan and we know many of you can relate.

Lately, I've been feeling    everything happens for a  reason. Each day brings  something new and  unexpected. Krista Reynolds  Photography reached out to  share Meghan's blog with me  and we both immediately knew we wanted to find a way to work with her. Extra bonus she is local to us in MN!

Meghan lives her life for Christ. She is a wife. She is mom to five beautiful children. She is pregnant and due to have her sixth, a little girl, soon. She home schools her children. She runs a successful business and team with Young Living. She is an author.     

"Because today is a day worth celebrating! Simply because... its today." - Meghan Joy Yancy

How does she do it? Right, isn't that what you were thinking!? I immediately started to reflect on my life wondering how she can manage all of that with such grace while I am over here struggling to get dinner ready. There is one big difference between her and I... and I think a lot of us. She is living for today.

"I'm cherishing these days as I am living them right now." - Megan Joy Yancy

The quote above was part of a longer blog post where she reflected on a day spent with her three year old daughter. We live in a fast paced world and it is so easy to be sucked in every direction. It is easier to add more and more to our plates and almost forget about the little things that happen each day. 


As I started following Meghan's life, I felt like I knew her. She has this ability to draw people in. When we finally met at the photo shoot, her genuine personality just shined. I learned more about her business with Young Living (oils haven't been my thing!) and found out she has a team of other amazing women that exceeds 600+. While running her business she also started writing a book, Living For Today. This world can get the best of us, including Meghan, as we all are reaching for our own dreams. 

"And in the beautiful cyclone of my hustle, I can easily forget to just stop and... breathe. To tip the scales and bring more balance in the hustle and in the flow." - Meghan Joy Yancy 



So Ladies, don't be too hard on yourselves!

Take each day for what it is. Slow down and cherish the little moments. Give yourself some credit!


Confidence is beautiful.

Happiness is beautiful.

... the clothes just help emphasize what you already have!  


"Today can be the best day ever. It's your choice." - Meghan Joy Yancy




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Clothing/Acessories: Elizabeth Scott Boutique

Photography: Krista Reynolds Photography


March 20, 2018 by Ashley Lindholm

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